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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of December 4, 2021, the Trap Ranges and Rifle/Pistol Range are open to the public (Saturdays only, 9AM - 3PM).

Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is required. In Santa Clara County, everyone must wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Read more about the 2022 Club protocols here.

Shooting Sports

Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club offers competitive shooting in benchrest rifle, bullseye pistol, cowboy action shooting, multigun/3-gun, rifle silhouette, and trap. You will find all levels of ability in these programs, from novice to World Champion.

All programs welcome new participants (regardless of whether you are a club member or not), and most shooters are generous with their time and advice. All programs have handicap classifications, so you compete against shooters of your ability. Besides being fun, and making you a better shooter, competitive shooting is a great way to meet people who share an interest.

Here is a summary of the Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club's current shooting sports; click a link for more detailed information.

American Rimfire Association .22LR Benchrest

  • Object: Hit centers of 25 bullseyes at 50 yards in 20 minutes
  • Equipment: Any .22LR rimfire firearm, factory ammo, any scope, any rifle rest
  • Position: Seated with rifle rested on benchrest or sandbags
  • When: First Saturday of each month February through November, 8:00AM signup, practice at 9:00
  • Match Director: Dana Wyse, dmwyse at gmail dot com
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Bullseye Pistol

  • Object: Hit center of bullseye target under different time constraints:
    • Slow fire: 50 yards, two strings of 10 shots, 10 minutes per string
    • Timed fire: 25 yards, four strings of five shots, 20 seconds per string
    • Rapid fire: 25 yards, four strings of five shots, 10 seconds per string
  • Equipment:
    • Handguns equipped with any sight; most shooters use semi-automatics
    • Two classes: .22 rimfire and centerfire (any caliber except magnum; you can shoot either or both classes
    • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Position: Standing, one hand
  • When: First and third Wednesdays, 6-9PM
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  • Object: Navigate course engaging various static and moving targets. Shooters are timed and penalized for hitting "no shoot" targets, skipping targets, not neutralizing targets and/or not observing obstacles and procedures.
  • Equipment:
    • Semi-automatic rifle (such as AR-15)
    • Shotgun (pump or semi-auto)
    • Handgun (typically 9mm – .45acp semi-auto)
    • Eye and hearing protection
    • Other items may include:
      • Handgun holster
      • Accessory belt
      • Extra magazines
      • Shot shell holders
      • Gloves, knee / elbow pads
      • Brass catchers are encouraged to facilitate faster range cleanup
    • Rifle calibers greater than .223 / .556 will not be allowed. Armor piercing or steel core bullets will not be allowed.
  • Positions: Standing, prone, kneeling
  • When: The 4th Wednesday from 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Shooters will be expected to come early to help setup and/or stay later to help clean up. Participation is limited to 7-10 shooters and is open to club members who have prior experience shooting 3-gun matches or able to demonstrate safe and proficient firearm handling. Escorted guest could be allowed as space permits.
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SASS Style Cowboy Shooting

  • Object: hit steel targets at ranges from 3 to 50 yards with revolvers, rifles and shotguns.
  • Equipment:
    • Clothing from the 1800s is encouraged
    • Single action revolvers with calibers between .32 and 45 Long Colt
    • One rifle from before 1896 or current clone
    • One Shotgun from before 1898 or clone
    • Two holsters and belt to hold the pistols, and ammo belt or slide for shotgun
    • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Position:
    • All SASS classifications apply.
    • All shooting is done standing at designated shooting areas
    • Some movement between areas can be expected
  • When: The 3rd Monday night of every month from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM

Silhouette - Smallbore Rifle

  • Object: Knock over metal animals placed at 40, 60, 77, 100 meters
  • Equipment:
    • .22 rifle, standard velocity ammo
    • Most shooters use scopes
    • Two classes: hunting rifle, most any rifle
    • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Position:
    • Standing, offhand
    • Special "varmint" class shoots sitting with rifle rested on sandbags
  • When: Second Saturday of each month, 8:30AM to about noon
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Silhouette - Air Rifle

  • Object: Knock over metal animals placed at 20, 30, 36, 45 yards
  • Equipment:
    • Air rifle, maximum caliber .22
    • Most shooters use scopes
    • Three classes: 10-meter match rifle; piston or CO2 hunting rifle; most any rifle
    • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Position: Standing, offhand
  • When: Fourth Thursday of each month (January - October only), 6:30PM
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  • Object: To break moving clay pigeons from 5 different stations
    • Singles, 25 targets from the 16 yard line
    • Handicap, 25 targets from distances up to the 27 yard line
    • Doubles, 50 targets 2 at a time
  • Equipment:
    • A shotgun with a minimum barrel length of 26"
    • 25 or more shotgun shells, 3 dram powder charge, 7 1/2 shot maximum
    • Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Position: Standing
  • When: Saturday 9-5, 1st and 3rd Sundays 10-3, Tuesday 5-9 PM.
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