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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of OCTOBER 15, due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19 (coronavirus), all ranges are closed to the public. The club is not open to the public. Some member-only leagues have resumed; Club members, contact your league chairperson for further details.

The Trap Ranges will open to the public starting November 6, 2021. Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination will be required.

The Club has not yet established a date for re-opening the Rifle and Pistol range to the public.

SR&GC Multi-Gun League Information


Multi-Gun (AKA 3-Gun) is a fairly new, fast-growing shooting sport where the participant navigates a course engaging various static and moving targets utilizing a shotgun, rifle and handgun. Shooters are timed and penalized for hitting "no shoot" targets, skipping targets, not neutralizing targets and/or not observing obstacles and procedures. The sport challenges the shooter to navigate the course and manage ammunition loads efficiently.

Where / When:

SR&GC, Rifle/Pistol Range, 4th Wednesday of each month, 5:00 - 8:55 PM


Any SR&GC member in good standing may participate. The number of shooters will be limited to allow each shooter to shoot the course multiple times without rushing. Guest accompanied by a Club Member will be allowed but only as space allows. Club Members will have priority.

Equipment / Firearms / Ammunition:

Hearing and Eye protection are always required.

Firearms needed include:

  1. A semi-automatic rifle (such as an AR-15)
  2. A shotgun (pump or semi-auto)
  3. A handgun (typically 9mm – .45acp semi-auto)

Rifle calibers greater than .223 / 5.56mm will not be allowed.

Other items may include: handgun holster, accessory belt, extra magazines, shotshell holders, gloves, knee / elbow pads. Brass catchers are encouraged to facilitate faster range cleanup.

No armor piercing ammunition will be allowed at any time. Shotgun slugs will be allowed at times but are only to be shot at paper targets.


We make use of targets currently on the Club's premises. This includes various paper targets, steel pop up and knock down targets, Texas Star, Tombstone Rack, steel silhouettes and shotgun clay targets will be used.

Safety considerations:

  • Participants will typically shoot the course 1 shooter at a time. The shooter will be chaperoned (shadowed) during the entire course of fire. All other people will remain behind the shooting line.
  • All firearms will remain cased, or staged at the "safe table" or gun racks, unloaded, with actions open with empty chamber flags inserted.
  • Firearms may be worked on only at the "safe table" but under no circumstances can ammunition be brought to or kept at the "safe table".
  • Hearing and eye protection will be used at all times when firearms are being fired.
  • All firearms will remain unloaded until the Safety Officer calls the shooter to the line or is otherwise directed.
  • When shooter is called to the line, they will be allowed to stage the firearms with inserted magazine, no rounds chambered, and safety device will remain fully engaged until ready to shoot.
  • When transitioning from one firearm to another during the course of fire, the unused firearm will be abandoned muzzle down into the dump station emptied of all ammunition, or abandoned with the safety fully engaged.
  • All shooters will need to provide proof of prior 3-gun shooting participation. New shooters will need to demonstrate safe firearm handling proficiency.