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Service Rifle

Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club holds monthly service rifle matches on the second Monday of each month at 6PM.

A group of 11 service rifle competitors

Object: Hit center of bullseye target under different time constraints, shooting positions and simulated 200, 300 and 600 yd distances.

Course of Fire:

  • Slow Fire Prone: 20 single shot loads from prone position in 20 minutes
  • Standing (AKA Off Hand); 10 single shot loads from standing position in 10 minutes
  • Rapid Fire Sitting: 10 shots from sitting position with a mag change in 60 seconds
  • Rapid Fire Prone: 10 shots prone position with a mag change in 70 seconds

Required Equipment and Supplies:

  • Center fire semi-automatic rifle. The most popular being the AR platform, M1A, M1 Garand
  • Shooting mat (exercise mats carpet remnants work fine)
  • Hearing and Eye protection
  • Spotting scope and stand (we have limited supply of loaners on hand)
  • 2 magazines
  • Single shot sled
  • Ammunition, 50 rounds for scoring, additional rounds for sighters
  • Optional equipment include shooting coat, gloves, elbow pads,
  • When: Second Monday of each month, 6PM start


The service rifle league is nearly identical to the NRA High Power Rifle Match and is intended to be a "fun" type league for individuals of any and all experience levels.

No prior NRA High Power Rifle Match shooting experience is required.

Please visit these websites for additional information:


Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club – 100 yard Rifle Range

11998 Stevens Canyon Road

Cupertino, CA 95014



  • Second Monday evening of each month
  • 6:00PM - Start


Both members and non-members are invited. Persons new to high power rifle competition are welcomed. No previous experience or NRA classification is required.

Information for New Shooters

  • New shooters are welcomed to try this exciting shooting event.
  • If you have never fired in a NRA or CMP High Power Rifle Match, please arrive early and notify the range master
  • There are always a number of experienced match shooters who will guide you through all aspects of this event and also with shooting tips.

Course of Fire

All shots for score are done from the standing, sitting and prone positions as follows:

  • Slow Fire Prone – 20 shots at a 600 yd simulated target, single shot loads in 20 minutes
  • Slow Fire Standing (AKA Off Hand) - 10 shots at a 200 yd simulated target, single shot loads in 10 minutes
  • Rapid Fire Sitting – 10 shots at a 200 yd simulated target in 60 seconds with a mandatory magazine change
  • Rapid Fire Prone – 10 shots at a 300 yd simulated target in 70 seconds with a mandatory magazine change

Firearms and Equipment

  • Since some stages during the Course of Fire require rapid firing and a magazine change, a semi-auto rifle with box magazine is recommended. The most popular rifles used are the AR-15, M1A, M1 Garand.
  • Iron sights are typically used but you can use red dot optics and magnified scopes as well. You will be scored with others using similar sights.
  • Each shooter will need to provide their own rifle and ammunition. The Club does not have loaner rifles and/or ammunition to sell or rent.
  • Additional equipment include spotting scope (we have club scopes you can borrow for no charge), exercise or shooting mat and rifle sling
  • Optional equipment includes shooting coat, gloves, elbow pads


  • Slow Fire Standing and Rapid Fire Sitting – SR-1 target (simulates 200 yd target)
  • Rapid Fire Prone – SR-21 (simulates 300 yd target)
  • Slow Fire Prone – MR-31 (simulates 600 yd target)


  • Alibi allowed during rapid fire stages only
  • No alibis allowed for mis-loaded magazines
  • No alibis allowed during slow fire (clear and keep firing)
  • Alibis will be verified by the RM and fired just prior to scoring a string


  • Scoring will be done in the range house after posting new targets.
  • Shooters will pair off to score each others' targets
  • Scores will be presented to the Range Master for posting


  • SRGC members: $5 per night
  • Non-members: $10 per night ($5 match fee plus $5 range fee)


  • Awards will be announced and given during the specialty matches such as the M1 Garand Match, WWI and WWII Commemorative Matches. The match fee may vary and will be announced for these specialty events.


  • Shooters will be requested to assist in set-up and clean-up of the range at the end of each match.
  • Safety will be the overriding and primary consideration in the resolution of all issues.
  • Compliance with all SRGC rules and regulations required
  • Range Masters must be SRGC members
  • Assistance and guidance will be available to new shooters or shooters new to the NRA/CMP High Power Rifle Match.
  • Most importantly - Have fun!