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Action Pistol

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of OCTOBER 15, due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19 (coronavirus), all ranges are closed to the public. The club is not open to the public. Some member-only leagues have resumed; Club members, contact your league chairperson for further details.

The Trap Ranges will open to the public starting November 6, 2021. Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination will be required.

The Club has not yet established a date for re-opening the Rifle and Pistol range to the public.


Shoot steel and cardboard targets accurately and in the least amount of time.

Type of Events

We shoot numerous disciplines: IPSC, IDPA, ICORE, and the Steel Challenge.


  • Ear and Eye Protection are required.
  • Equipment varies depending on the discipline we are shooting.
  • We shoot from a holster and at least five speedloaders or magazines are desired.
  • Calibers we shoot are 9mm, 38 Super, 40S&W, 45ACP, 45LC, and 22LR.


We run a cold range. All firearms are unloaded except when it is your turn to shoot and the range officer instructs you to load. When you have finished shooting you are instructed to unload and your targets are scored.


Every Wednesday at 12:30 PM. on the Rifle Pistol Range.


It is open to members only. Members may bring a guest one time to try it out.

If you want more information you may call Gary Curto ((408) 866-6168).