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The Trap Ranges and Rifle/Pistol Range are open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays. See our hours page for operating hours.

Ranges and Rules

Diagram showing layout of SRGC Ranges

Rules For Public Shooters on All Ranges

  1. Public shooters must present a U.S.-based photo ID to the Range Master or Trap Captain at sign-in
    1. Foreign passports, student IDs, etc., will not be accepted
  2. Public shooters must be over 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult
  3. Public shooters must be able to speak and understand English
  4. Public shooters may not conduct any firearms tourism nor business, nor sell anything on the property, without the prior approval of the management of the Club. This includes the parking lot.

Rifle and Pistol Range Conditions:

  1. 10 .22 caliber rimfire rifle lanes from 25 to 100 yards at our Rifle and Pistol range
  2. 8 pistol lanes from 25 to 100 yards at our Rifle and Pistol range
  3. 10 center fire rifle lanes from 25 to 100 yards at our Rifle and Pistol range
  4. No restrictions on calibers (except .50 BMG)
  5. All Rimfire is OK
  6. Normal and Magnum center fire are OK
  7. Muzzle brakes are allowed
  8. $25.00 fee per shooter per day, with one free target included. Cash/check/credit card accepted.
  9. Eye and Ear protection required for all shooters and spectators
Interior view of rifle and pistol range
Interior of the Rifle and Pistol Range

Trap Range Conditions:

  1. 5 Trap fields with singles, doubles and handicap trap shooting
  2. Traps operate on a voice-activated system
  3. Minimum barrel length of 26 inches for 12-gauge shotguns
  4. No shot larger than 7 1/2
  5. Maximum allowed load is 1 1/8 oz. shot, 3 dram equivalent velocity of 1250 FPS
  6. Magnum shells are not allowed due to Santa Clara County sound restrictions
  7. $7.00 per 25 targets; we supply targets, pullers and setters. CASH ONLY
  8. Eye and Ear protection required for all shooters. Spectators must have ear protection
View of trap fields and clubhouse from the side
Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club has 5 public trap fields

Range Rules:

Your cooperation is requested by strict adherence to the following rules and regulations. The Rangemaster and Staff are here to make your visit enjoyable. A copy of these Rules are available at the Club outside the Range Office.

  1. Actions of all uncased firearms will be open at all times except when actually shooting on the firing line.
  2. No loaded firearms allowed on the range except on the firing line.
  3. When loading or working with your firearm, keep it pointed downrange.
  4. No movement forward of firing line is permitted until Range Master gives instructions.
  5. At the "cease-fire and target check" command, completely unload and bench all firearms, with actions open, and move to safety zone behind the yellow line.
  6. After checking your target, do not loiter down range; return to the safety zone behind the yellow line.
  7. Do not handle any firearms or benched equipment during "cease-fire" and target check.
  8. Fire only at approved targets placed at a numbered position corresponding to your numbered firing point. Do not post targets on edge of frame.
  9. When firing, keep the muzzle of the firearm at or forward of the firing line.
  10. In case of malfunction of a firearm which you cannot clear, stay at your firing point and raise your hand to attract the attention of the range safety officer or range master to request assistance.
  11. The Range Master is authorized to inspect all firearms and ammunition and prohibit the use of which, in his opinion, is unsafe or hazardous.
  12. Firing periods are 15 minutes or the discretion of Range Master.
  13. No children under 6 are allowed on the range. Children age 6 through 17 must be coached by an adult who is within arm's length and paying full attention to the minor child .
  14. Eye and ear protection must be worn on the rifle/pistol range.
  15. The following are prohibited:
    1. Alcoholic beverages, persons intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs
    2. Full automatic firearms
    3. Incendiary, tracer, armor-piercing or explosive bullets
    4. Fast draw or hip shooting
    5. Wearing holstered firearms
    6. Shooting up target stands
    7. Some ultra high power firearms - check with Range Master
    8. Black powder or black powder substitutes
    9. Smoking
    10. Excessive rapid firing

The Range Master's decision is final.

Violators of any rule may be requested to leave the premises.